Tents And Flags Apparel And Shoe Findings Furs Leather Textiles FSG 83

8305 Textile Fabrics »

This class includes only textiles in bulk

8315 Notions And Apparel Findings »

Includes buttons; dressmakers' pins; needles; shoulder pads; embroideries; stamped art goods for embroidery and art needlework; hair nets; sewing kits

8320 Padding And Stuffing Materials »

Includes feathers and downs, processed; spanish moss, processed; cotton wadding and batting; kapok

8325 Fur Materials »

This class includes only fur materials in bulk

8330 Leather »

Includes garment leather; patent leather; glove leather; shoe leather; upholstery leather; industrial leather

8335 Shoe Findings And Soling Materials »

Includes counters; taps; shoe laces; lasts and last sole patterns; ornamental shoe buckles and bows

8340 Tents And Tarpaulins »

Fitted covers which are specifically designed for use on or with specific individual types of equipment are excluded from this class and are to be classified in the same classes as the items for which they are designed, or in such other classes as are appropriate

8345 Flags And Pennants »

Includes signalling flags; flagstaffs; signal shapes; flagpoles; flagstaff trucks; speed cones; flagstaff belts; semaphore flags

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