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We are a national stock number parts supplier of various Aircraft, Military, Locomotive, and Maritime parts and components. We carry aeronautical standard and mil-spec fasteners, aircraft and vehicle engine components, MRO supplies, and OEM / government excess surplus.

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We offer services such as kitting, scheduled shipping, purchasing, and build to print manufacturing. We are committed to providing global support and are compliant in ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and provide certs and trace on most of our products we sell.

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NSN 5330-00-766-1226

Preformed Packing

Available Quantity 9
Available Conditions NS
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 4320-00-016-3455

Wearing Ring

Available Quantity 570
Available Conditions NS NE SV AR OH
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 2835-00-555-7595

Compr 4th Vane Assy

Available Quantity 15
Available Conditions OH NS
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 1730-01-166-4677

Nitrogen P Cylinder

Available Quantity 1
Available Conditions AR
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 5325-00-282-2430

Retaining Ring

Available Quantity 1
Available Conditions NS
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 8010-00-082-2450

Epoxy Primer Coating Kit

Available Quantity 4
Available Conditions NE OH
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 5330-01-178-5846

Cloth Metal Seam Sealing Tape

Available Quantity 2
Available Conditions NS NE
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

NSN 5180-01-483-0249

General Mechanic's Tool Kit

Available Quantity 14
Available Conditions NS AR NE
Stock Check Date 03/31/2023

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4820-00-006-6490 Valve Disk

height: 0.18 inches outside diameter: 1.54 inches

2023-03-31 12:33pm
NSN 5985-00-006-6460 Directional Coupler

cover waveguide flange choke waveguide flange; coaxial connector width: 4 inches

2023-03-31 11:08am
NSN 6625-00-006-6457 Electrical Test Set Subassembly

capacitor 5 connector 1 diode 4 inductor 2 integrated circuit 1 printed wiring board 1 resistor 8 transistor 2

2023-03-31 09:33am
Garbage Disposal Shredder Segment 4540-00-006-6240

steel; 2.745 inches width; 1.1 inches height opposite cutting end 0.792 inches height at cutting end; 1.815 inches deep

2023-03-31 07:54am
Solenoid Valve Parts Kit NSN 4810-00-006-6239

synthetic rubber gasket 1; o-ring 1; piston 1; diaphragm assembly 1; spring 2 end item identification: model 8210b55 component quantity: 6 end item name: solenoid valve

2023-03-31 06:18am
NSN 3030-00-006-6227 V Belt

rubber body material strengthening feature: synthetic cord

2023-03-31 05:00am
NSN 4520-00-006-6220 Nonim Electrical Heating Element

maximum wattage rating in watts: 150 single voltage terminal length: 0.562 inches

2023-03-30 05:41pm
NSN 4330-00-006-6219 Fluid Filter Element

differential pressure: 20 pounds per square inch body length: 0.3 inches

2023-03-30 03:56pm
NSN 4720-00-006-6218 Nonmetallic Tubing Assembly

outside diameter: 0.545 inches measuring method and length: 43 inches

2023-03-30 12:58pm
NSN 6685-00-006-6142 Flow Control Thermostat

operating temperature rating: 115 degrees fahrenheit to 145 degrees fahrenheit

2023-03-30 10:40am
NSN 4820-00-006-6141 Valve Disk

with four bolt holes equally spaced on 1.875 inches bolt circle diameter; 0.312 inches length by 45 degrees chamfer on one outside edge plastic material

2023-03-30 08:34am
NSN 5950-00-006-5734 Radio Frequency Coil

body length: 0.365 inches to 0.385 inches dc resistance rating in ohms: 2.8 single component single winding

2023-03-30 06:58am