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We are a national stock number parts supplier of various Aircraft, Military, Locomotive, and Maritime parts and components. We carry aeronautical standard and mil-spec fasteners, aircraft and vehicle engine components, MRO supplies, and OEM / government excess surplus.

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In today's realm and age of internet technology it is easy to get lost while sourcing your company's requirements. was created as a platform to connect us with you.

We offer services such as kitting, scheduled shipping, purchasing, and build to print manufacturing. We are committed to providing global support and are compliant in ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and provide certs and trace on most of our products we sell.

Scheduled Shipping.

Depending on your needs, we can provide you with scheduled shipping , thus relieving your materials staff of the burden of constant supply monitoring. Talk with your account manager about setting up scheduled shipments.

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Build to Print.

One of our many capabilities include taking existing design blueprints or engineer drawings of obsolete parts and having them manufactured to spec. Talk with your account manager about your requirement to get a quote on build-to-print manufacturing.

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Updated Products

NSN 6615-00-005-4351 Special Guide

guide nsn 6615000054351.

NSN 5315-00-005-4577 Pin

pin nsn 5315000054577.

NSN 5945-00-005-4073 Solenoid

solenoid nsn 5945000054073.

NSN 4820-00-005-4910 Valve

maximum operating pressure 200 pounds per square inch single response thread size 0.25 copper material maximum operating temp 250 degree fahrenheit single response opening pressure setting 100 pounds per square inch

NSN 5910-00-005-4559 Fixed Capacitor

tolerance range per section -20 to 20 percent single section

NSN 5305-00-005-4411 Screw

screw nsn 5305000054411.

NSN 5935-00-005-3172 Connector Body

connector datasheet moisture resistant and vibration resistant and salt water resistant

NSN 3120-00-005-6066 Bushing

bushing nsn 3120000056066.

NSN 5315-00-005-4451 Tapered Pin

tapered pin nsn 5315000054451.

NSN 1560-00-005-3716 Fitting Assembly

consists of: fitting 1 ea 53g970806-11 gang channel 2 ea 53g970851-3 bushing 2 ea 53-111027-3 bushing 1 ea 4m45c4-11 spacer 2 ea 53g970842-181 hi lock collar 4 ea 3m283-08 hi lock 4 ea 3m247c08-5

NSN 5305-00-005-4402 Screw

screw nsn 5305000054402.

NSN 6615-00-005-4349 Retaining Plate

retaining plate nsn 6615000054349.

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