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We are a national stock number parts supplier of various Aircraft, Military, Locomotive, and Maritime parts and components. We carry aeronautical standard and mil-spec fasteners, aircraft and vehicle engine components, MRO supplies, and OEM / government excess surplus.

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We offer services such as kitting, scheduled shipping, purchasing, and build to print manufacturing. We are committed to providing global support and are compliant in ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) and provide certs and trace on most of our products we sell.

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NSN 2840-01-434-4017

Turbi Impeller Assy

Available Quantity 4
Available Conditions OH AR NE SV
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 2835-01-425-3972

Gas Turbine Nonaircraft Engine

Available Quantity 4
Available Conditions AR
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 5340-00-116-0599

Catch Strike

Available Quantity 211
Available Conditions NE NS
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 5935-00-003-4978

Receptacle Electrical Connector

Available Quantity 199
Available Conditions NS NE AR
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 5310-00-167-1288

Hexagon Castellated Plain Nut

Available Quantity 16,806
Available Conditions NE NS AR OH
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 6110-01-551-9549

Electric Brake

Available Quantity 4
Available Conditions NE OH NS SV
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 4820-01-383-5811

Globe Valve

Available Quantity 4
Available Conditions NS NE
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

NSN 6650-00-107-1667

Optical Instrument Cell Assembly

Available Quantity 78
Available Conditions NE NS
Stock Check Date 11/27/2022

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NSN 5950-00-005-9204 Special Transformer

part number: rd20071; cage code: k0662 and u6682

2022-11-26 06:34pm
Lug Terminal 5940-00-005-7862

conductor accommodation type slant lug with one hole single end; surface treatment tin single layer

2022-11-26 06:32pm
Sectional Terminal Junction Block 5940-00-005-7856

wire size accommodated 12 awg; part number: 1-592617-1; cage code: 00779

2022-11-26 06:28pm
3010-00-005-7559 Hydraulic Transmission Parts Kit

hydraulic transmission parts kit nsn 3010000057559.

2022-11-26 05:30pm
Printer Mode Control 5895-00-005-8102

general characteristics item description completely inclosed connector receptacle 9

2022-11-26 05:05pm
NSN 5950-00-005-9203 Special Transformer

part number: rd8673; cage code: u6682 and k0662

2022-11-26 03:57pm
Circuit Card Assembly 5998-00-005-8101

part number: 1128sav45683-1; cage code: 26512 and 79rg9

2022-11-26 03:27pm
6130-00-005-8100 Power Supply

power supply nsn 6130000058100.

2022-11-26 02:45pm
Electrical-electron Plug-in Unit 6625-00-005-8098

unit type sweep oscillator; part number: 1128scsea801-5; cage code: 26512

2022-11-26 02:29pm
NSN 5950-00-005-9202 Special Transformer

part number: rd10711; cage code: k0662 and u6682

2022-11-26 01:54pm
NSN 5950-00-005-9201 Power Transformer

body height 1.906 inches; body width 1.5 inches; body length 1.75 inches

2022-11-26 01:34pm
Matched Resistor Set 5905-00-005-8094

electrical resistance 299.7 megohms; maximum temperature coefficient 10 ppm per degree c

2022-11-26 01:05pm