Recently Updated NSNs

National stock numbers that we have updated recently with new information.

5360-00-006-3226 Compression Helical Spring

steel material inside diameter: at least 0.16

1040-00-006-3163 Inlet Valve Plate

inlet valve plate nsn 1040000063163.

5961-00-006-3153 Diode Semiconductor Device

diode semiconductor device nsn 5961000063153.

5120-00-006-3150 Bearing Packer

bearing packer nsn 5120000063150.

NSN 5905-00-006-3005 Fixed Resistor

temperature coefficient of resistance in ppm per degree celsius: -10 to 10. electrical resistance is 245 ohms.

NSN 5950-00-006-2997 Current Transformer

length 1.625 inches by width 1.625 inches by height 2.375 inches.

NSN 5998-00-006-2897 Circuit Card Assembly

length 7 inches by height 0.5 inches by width 5.312 inches.

Fixed Film Resistor 5905-00-006-2990

inclosure method: encapsulated. terminal type: wire lead

5905-00-006-2989 Fixed Film Resistor

fixed film resistor nsn 5905000062989.

NSN 5910-00-006-3119 Ceramic Dielectr Fixed Capacitor

body length 0.187 nonderated operating temp -55 degrees celsius minimum and 85 degrees celsius maximum

NSN 5998-00-006-2760 Circuit Card Assembly

this circuit card assembly is designed for an f-4 phantom ii aircraft.

NSN 6625-00-006-2755 Strobing Voltmeter

strobing voltmeter has a dynamic range of m1 v to p1.

NSN 5998-00-006-2885 Circuit Card Assembly

designed for communications electronics secure 466l electro-magnetic intelligence system.

NSN 6625-00-005-1655 Test Set

Reads distance to fault directly in feet, 0 to 100 and 0 to 300 scale range, 0 to 100000 feet distance range

NSN 5330-00-005-1554 Packing

Center Hole Diameter 0.911-1.931 Peripheral Diameter 0.838-0.868 hardness rating 60-70 durometer

Fixed Film Resistor 5905-00-006-2988

inclosure method is encapsulated. terminal type: wire lead.

NSN 5905-00-006-2987 Fixed Film Resistor

temperature coefficient of resistance in ppm per degree celsius: -50 to 50. electrical resistance is 6.65 kilohms.

Percussion Primer NSN 1390-00-006-2768

dot registration code: ex1991060069. net explosive weight: 0.000358 storage pounds and 0.000358 transportation pounds.

NSN 5365-00-005-1565 Spacer

left flange width 0.1 right flange width 0.1 solid external flanges both ends

5365-00-006-2316 Machine Thread Plug

length 0.48 nominal thread size 0.562 external

3110-00-006-2398 Bearing Roller

length 0.225 minimum and 0.245 maximum

NSN 3040-00-006-2105 Pawl

material thickness: 0.368 to 0.37 material document and classification: aluminum alloy qq-a-200/11 t6 or qq-a-225/9 t6; surface finish: anodized mil-a-8625; fsc application data: handle assembly ejection seat aircraft

NSN 5330-00-006-2274 Preformed Packing

rubber material peripheral diameter 4.5

5305-00-005-1533 Screw - flat head

Length: 0.852-0.878 flat head, hex internal drive

NSN 9530-00-005-6274 Metal Bar

sectional thickness cross 0.75 sectional width cross 1 length 3 ft aluminum material weight per unit measure 0.907 pounds per linear foot

5342-00-005-1525 Strap Assembly

1 in. w, 54.9 in. min, 55.1 in. max lg o/a

NSN 5325-00-006-2317 Retaining Ring

steel material inside diameter 0.936 minimum and 0.951 maximum

Spring 5360-00-006-2503

spring 5360-00-006-2503 nsn made by ge

NSN 1560-00-006-2221 Coupling Assembly

coupling for aircraft use