Instruments And Laboratory Equipment FSG 66

6605 Navigational Instruments »

Includes azimuths; sextants; octants; compasses; plotting boards; underwater log equipment; air position indicators; drift meters

6610 Flight Instruments »

Includes air speed indicators; rate of climb indicators; bank and turn indicators; pitot tubes; gyro horizon indicators; attitude gyro indicators

6615 Automatic Pilot Mechanisms And Airborne Gyro Components »

Included in this class are gyro components of guided missiles

6620 Engine Instruments »

Instruments designed for use on both engines and other than engines are not included in this class and should be classified in the appropriate instruments class of group 66

6625 Electrical And Electronic Properties Measuring And Testing Instruments »

Includes test leads and test lead attachments; test instruments designed for communication equipment; test instruments designed for use with electronic equipment classified in two or more fsc groups

6630 Chemical Analysis Instruments »

Includes acidity (ph) meters; gas analyzers; alakalinity measuring instruments; colorimeters

6635 Physical Properties Testing And Inspection »

Includes destructive and nondestructive inspection equipment such as fluorescent penetrant inspection units; magnetic inspection units; industrial x-ray machines; industrial x-ray film; tensiometers; material hardness testers

6636 Environmental Chambers And Related Equipment »

This class includes only those environmental chambers used exclusively to perform controlled tests, under simulated conditions, to determine physical damage and/or changes in operating characteristics for equipments and components such as humidity; immersion; moisture; altitude; explosion; thermal shock; sand and dust; flammability; seal

6640 Laboratory Equipment And Supplies »

Includes laboratory glassware; laboratory funnels; laboratory furnaces; glass beads; laboratory white sand; litmus paper; paper filters; insect transfixion pins; laboratory glass wool; laboratory furniture, except dental laboratory

6645 Time Measuring Instruments »

Includes clocks; job recording devices; time recorders; time stamps, watch and clock movements; watches

6650 Test Equipment Components And Accessories Optical Instruments »

Includes binoculars; magnifiers; microscopes; periscopes; telescopes; optical elements; such as lens, prisms, windows; optical benches and associated devices; endoscopes, fiber optics (non-medical)

6655 Geophysical Instruments »

Includes geodetic, oceanographic and seismographic instruments

6660 Meteorological Instruments And Apparatus »

Includes meteorological ballons; radiosonde sets; radarsonde sets

6665 Hazard-detecting Instruments And Apparatus »

Includes radiac equipment; gas detecting equipment; land mine detecting equipment

6670 Scales And Balances »

Includes coin operated, household, industrial, postal, and laboratory scales and balances

6675 Surveying And Mapping Instruments Drafting »

Includes drawing instruments, drafting tools; engineering and architectural scales; levels; transits; photogrammetric instruments; astrolabes; level rods; plane tables; surveying altimeters; theodolites

6680 Liquid Level And Mechanical Motion Measuring Instruments Liquid And Gas Flow »

Includes liquid level float instruments; revolution counters; speedometers; rotation measuring instruments and apparatus; oxygen flow indicators; tachometers, including engine tachometers

6685 Temperature And Humidity Measuring And Controlling Instruments Pressure »

Includes thermometers, including engine thermometers; pressure gages; thermocouple leads; resistance bulbs

6695 Combination And Miscellaneous Instruments »

Includes flow-pressure instruments; taximeters; dynamometers

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