Electrical And Electronic Equipment Components FSG 59

5905 Resistors »

Includes varistors; resistive ballast tubes; rheostats; resistor networks; resistor mounting hardware; thermistors

5910 Capacitors »

Includes interference filter capacitors; capacitor mounting hardware

5915 Filters And Networks »

This class includes those filters and networks which consist of a combination of resistors, capacitors, or coils, but not a combination of resistors only (classified in 5905), capacitors only (classified in 5910), or coils only (classified in 5950)

5920 And Protectors Absorbers Arrestors Fuses »

Includes fuseholders; fuse boxes; fuse posts; fuse links; fuse blocks; current limiters; corona balls; electrostatic dischargers

5925 Circuit Breakers »

Includes circuit breakers and cutouts

5930 Switches »

Includes rotary, knife, toggle, push button, mercury, thermostatic, and differential pressure switches

5935 Electrical Connectors »

Includes plugs; jacks; receptacles, electronic component sockets and associated accessories

5940 Terminals And Terminal Strips Lugs »

Includes binding posts; battery clips; stud terminals; test clips

5945 Relays And Solenoids »

Includes electromagnetic actuators

5950 Coils And Transformers »

Includes coils, except ignition and magneto; coil assemblies; reactors; transformers

5955 Oscillators And Piezoelectric Crystals »

Includes crystal units, processed unmounted crystals, crystal controlled oscillators and noncrystal controlled oscillators

5960 Electron Tubes And Associated Hardware »

Includes rectifying tubes; photoelectric tubes; electron vibrator tubes

5961 Semiconductor Devices And Associated Hardware »

Includes semiconductor assemblies; semiconductor diodes; semiconductor rectifiers, semiconductor thyristors; transistors; unitized semiconductors; associated hardware except sockets

5962 Electronic Microcircuits »

Includes integrated circuit devices; integrated circuit modules, integrated electronic devices: hybrid, magnetic, molecular, opto-electronic, and thin film

5970 Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials »

Includes tube, knob, cleat, strain, and standoff insulators; feed thru insulators; bead insulators; varnish cambric tape; friction tape

5975 Electrical Hardware And Supplies »

Includes conduit; raceways; face plates; condulets; outlet and junction boxes; pole line hardware, not elsewhere classifiable

5977 Electrical Contact Brushes And Electrodes »

Includes brushes for electrical rotating equipment; carbon stock for brushes; brush arm and holders; lighting electrodes

5980 Optoelectronic Devices And Associated Hardware »

Includes optoelectronic devices and assemblies which display numeric, alpha-numeric, symbolic, or graphic information, emitters, and nondisplay optoelectronic devices, such as couplers, detectors, and switches which perform an active function in an electronic system%

5985 Waveguides And Related Equipment Antennas »

Includes aerials; masts; tower equipment; attenuators; couplers; transmission lines

5995 Cable; Cord; And Wire Assemblies »

This class includes only those types of cable, cord, and wire assemblies and sets (and wiring harnesses) used on or with equipment and components covered by groups 58, 59 and 70

5996 Amplifiers »

Includes audio amplifiers, complementary amplifiers, amplifiers, operational amplifiers, power amplifiers, radio frequency amplifiers, signal amplifiers, video amplifiers, and magnetic amplifiers

5999 Miscellaneous Electrical Components »

Includes permanent magnets and magnetostriction elements; caps, clips, and contacts, electrical

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