Hand Tools FSG 51

5110 Edged Nonpowered Hand Tools »

Includes chisels; files; pipe cutters; rasps; saws; screw plates; axes; hatchets; machetes

5120 Nonedged Nonpowered Hand Tools »

Includes hammers; picks; pliers, except pliers for cutting only; screwdrivers; shovels; construction rakes, forks and hoes; jacks, including contractors' jacks; wrecking bars; glue pots; blowtorches

5130 Power Driven Hand Tools »

Includes drills; riveters; portable electric saws; pneumatic tools; abrasive wheels, cones, and other abrasive attachments for use only on hand held power tools

5180 Kits And Outfits Of Hand Tools Sets »

This class includes sets, kits and outfits consisting of several different items classifiable either in a single class or in several classes

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