Air Conditioning And Air Circulating Equipment Refrigeration FSG 41

4110 Refrigeration Equipment »

Includes grocery type display cases; ice cream cabinets; drinking fountains (except portable and stationary types classified in class 4510); professional and scientific refrigerators; rivet coolers; photographic refrigerators; mortuary refrigerators; household and commercial refrigerators; grocery type showcases; and other types of refrigeration equipment of the commissary or food store type

4120 Air Conditioning Equipment »

This class includes only complete air conditioning equipment, systems, and plants

4130 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Components »

Includes heat exchanger equipment; refrigerant strainers; refrigeration compressors; air conditioning and refrigeration servicing equipment, such as charging and testing manifolds, lines and units; operating components of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, plants, and systems classified in classes 4110 and 4120

4140 Air Circulators And Blower Equipment Fans »

Fans and impellers which are specifically designed for use with specific individual types of equipment are to be classified in the same classes as their next higher assemblies or in the appropriate components or accessories classes (as in group 25 or 29 or class 1680) as prescribed by the indexes and structure of the fsc

4150 Vortex Tubes And Other Related Cooling Tubes »

Includes tool grinding spot coolers; machining spot coolers; electronic equipment spot coolers; and electronic cabinet spot coolers

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