Turbines And Components Engines FSG 28

2805 Gasoline Reciprocating Engines »

Includes gas reciprocating engines; all gasoline reciprocating engines except aircraft prime moving

2810 Aircraft Prime Mover And Components Gasoline Reciprocating Engines »

Engines and components classified in this fsc must be desinged specifically for use as/on an aircraft prime mover

2815 Diesel Engines And Components »

Includes automotive, industrial, marine, locomotive, and all other types of diesel and semi-diesel engines

2825 Steam Turbines And Components »

Includes mercury vapor turbines

2835 Jet Engines And Components Gas Turbines »

Engines and components classified in this fsc are primarily for use on non-aircraft prime mover (e

2840 Jet Engines And Components »

Engines and components classified in this fsc are intended for use as/on aircraft and/or guided missile prime movers

2845 Rocket Engines And Components »

Includes rocket prime movers, liquid type, including liquid jet assisted take off (jato) units, for use in aircraft, rockets, and guided missiles; liquid propellants encased in consumable containers, intended for insertion into missile propulsion systems as integral parts

2895 Miscellaneous Engines And Components »

Includes wind and compressed air engines

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