Aerospace Craft Components And Accessories FSG 16

1610 Aircraft Propellers And Components »

Includes aircraft propellers; propeller blades, cams, cones, hubs, nuts, and spinners; test clubs; synchronizers; power control units; integral oil control measures and propeller governors

1615 Drive Mechanisms And Components Helicopter Rotor Blades »

This class includes miscellaneous component parts specifically designed for, and used exclusively in, helicopter drive mechanisms and rotor blades when not specifically classified elsewhere in the fsc indexes

1620 Aircraft Landing Gear Components »

Includes shock struts and components; installation elements, such as torsion bars, vibration links, drag struts; landing gear trunions, axles and shimmy dampeners; specially designed hydraulic power steering system components

1630 Aircraft Wheel And Brake Systems »

Includes skis; floats; tracks; landing wheel skid detectors; valves specifically designed for use with hydraulic or pneumatic wheel and brake systems; helicopter rotor brake system components

1640 Aircraft Control Cable Products »

Wire rope, with attachments or terminations and pulleys, used in aircraft control applications, will be classified in this class

1650 Vacuum And De-icing System Components Aircraft Hydraulic »

This class includes only those components specifically designed for aircraft use

1660 Heating And Pressurizing Equipment Aircraft Air Conditioning »

This class includes components specifically designed for use in aircraft air conditioning, heating, and pressurizing equipment

1670 Delivery Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up »

Includes specifically designed items, sets, and systems for air-to-air, air-to-surface, and surface-to-air delivery, pick up, and recovery operations, unless parts, attachments, assemblies, for use in or on such systems (i

1680 Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components »

Includes control assemblies, push-pull; brace, positioning cargo ramp stowed on board; cockpit mounted control quadrants; actuators, electro-mechanical and mechanical; ventilators; relief tubes; map holders; aerial glider towing accessories attached to aircraft; belts, safety and lap; harness, shoulder and safety; litter attaching supports;electric windshield wipers;aircraft onboard inert gas generators;aircraft furniture;aircraft mounted winches and hoists;in-flight refueling system components, including fuel components;aircraft curtains;cable tension regulators;sun visors;rear-view mirrors;mechanical transmissions, gearboxes and constant speed drives specially designed for aircraft