845752620884442MOD Sediment Strainer Element

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What is the NSN for 845-7526208-84442(MOD)?


What's the federal classification of 845-7526208-84442(MOD)?

FSC 4730 ⁓ Hose, pipe, tube, lubrication, and railing fittings

Excluding air conditioning-heating fittings (fsc 4520); bituminized fiber and concrete fittings (fsc 5630); conduit boxes and fittings (fsc 5975); downspout fittings (fsc 5670); medical and surgical fittings (fsc 6515); laboratory fittings (fsc 6640); post caps and rail ends (fsc 5660); machine thread bushings and plugs (fsc 5365).


Uncontrolled item (Code )
No hazard information available from HMIRS.
Precious Metals

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1. 845-7526208-84442(MOD)L1 Cage 03950

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  • - Department of The Navy  DSOR Depot source of repair has not been assigned. this is a temporary code that will be used only until a dsor is assigned as speci

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845-7526208-84442(MOD) / Strainer element,sedimentWhat is the formal definition of this item?

A replaceable device designed to remove solid particles from flowing liquids. the removal of particles is accomplished by porous material (metallic or non-metallic), wire mesh, perforated metal, or the like, constructed so the liquid can flow through the device while the solid particles are retained. it is designed to fit into a strainer, sediment (or similar cavity). it may have a reinforcement to prevent collapsing, distorting or rupturing. the degree of particles removed must be nominally rated at 50 microns, or more, or absolutely rated at 75 microns, or more. see also filter element, fluid.