SAE J514 8-4 140138B

SAEJ51484140138B Pipe Reducer

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What is the NSN for SAE J514 8-4 140138B?


What's the federal classification of SAE J514 8-4 140138B?

FSC 4730 ⁓ Hose, pipe, tube, lubrication, and railing fittings

Excluding air conditioning-heating fittings (fsc 4520); bituminized fiber and concrete fittings (fsc 5630); conduit boxes and fittings (fsc 5975); downspout fittings (fsc 5670); medical and surgical fittings (fsc 6515); laboratory fittings (fsc 6640); post caps and rail ends (fsc 5660); machine thread bushings and plugs (fsc 5365).

NSN 4730-01-656-0767 REDUCER,PIPE

Uncontrolled item (Code )
No hazard information available from HMIRS.
Precious Metals

Other Part Numbers Parts with same form, fit, and function by other manufacturers

1. J514 Cage 81343
2. 8-4 140168B Cage 81343

Major End Users Countries and entities

  • - Department of The Army 

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SAE J514 8-4 140138B / Reducer,pipeWhat is the formal definition of this item?

A straight pipe fitting having a different size connection on each end. it is designed to join two pipes of different sizes or two pipe fittings of different sizes. excludes bushing (as modified).