HM03502621 Fuel Jet Engine Pump

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AS9120 Certified by SAI Global

Datasheet. HM035-026-21 specification

Overall Length
The dimension measured along the longitudinal axis with terminated points at the extreme ends of the item.

4.27in. ⁓4-9/32"

Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency
The name assigned to the item by the government agency or commercial organization controlling the design of the item.

fuel pump

Special Features
Those unusual or unique characteristics or qualities of an item not covered in the other requirements and which are determined to be essential for identification.

0.7 pound; 18-32 vdc operating voltage; 0-5 vdc input control voltage; max rpm 7500; flow rate 30 l/hr; 43.5 psig; fluids: jet a, jp, JP4, K1, avgas 100ll 87 octane mogas


What is the NSN for HM035-026-21?


How is this classified for shipping?

Schedule B number: 8803300060
nmfc 123900
Other parts of airplanes or helicopters for use in military aircraft (excludes propellers, rotors, undercarriages, and parts the

What's the federal classification of HM035-026-21?

FSC 2915 ⁓ Engine fuel system components, aircraft and missile prime movers

Note-fuel components specially designed for propulsion fuel systems, aircraft and missiles are to be placed in this fsc.

Excluding aircraft fuel tanks (fsc 1560); in-flight refueling system fuel components (fsc 1680). fuel system components not specifically designed for use with aircraft engines or missile prime-movers.

NSN 2915-01-621-4886 PUMP,FUEL,JET ENGINE

0.7 pound; 18-32 vdc operating voltage; 0-5 vdc input control voltage; max rpm 7500; flow rate 30 l/hr; 43.5 psig; fluids: jet a, jp, JP4, K1, avgas 100ll 87 octane mogas fuel pump 4.27" overall length

Schedule B
Name Code
Uncontrolled item (Code )
No hazard information available from HMIRS.
Precious Metals
Electrostatic ESD & EMI
No ESD or EMI sensitivity

Major End Users Countries and entities

  • - Department of The Army  DSOR Anniston army depot (anad), anniston, al

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Shipping Information

Special Handling
Other or no special handling required (sh) 
LTL (less than a truck load rating)
LCL (less than a car load rating)
Special Cargo
No special type of cargo code applicable 
Air Freight (Minimum cargo door size required)
Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension. 
Customs Requirement Classification
Supplies and equipment for aircraft and aerial targets, including aircraft and maintenance parts, aircraft accessories, aircraft 
Commodity (for shipments via water)
Aircraft parts, to include test/tool sets and equipment (other than armament systems) 
NMFC (national motor freight code)
UFC (universal freight code)

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HM035-026-21 / Pump,fuel,jet engineWhat is the formal definition of this item?

A device specifically designed to deliver fuel to a jet engine. the device may be of single/multistage and positive/nonpositive displacement design. it mounts on a jet engine accessory drive case or on the fuel control and is driven by the engine. excludes all pumps not specifically designed to be used on a jet engine.